Sponsor a Funding Exchange Training in Your Community

Would you like to attend a Funding Exchange training, but funding is tight? Here’s how you can do it!

When you sponsor a Funding Exchange training in your community, your organization receives one full scholarship for the class  or workshop you are sponsoring.

As a sponsor, you agree to:

  • work with FEI to advertise the class
  • guarantee a minimum number of students for the class (depending on the agreement)
  • collect registrations and tuition (depending on the agreement)
  • provide a classroom for the workshop
  • provide and Internet connection and multimedia projector for the instructor (depending on the agreement)

Funding Exchange provides:

  • an experienced, highly qualified instructor for the class
  • all student curriculum (workbooks and handouts)
  • customized advertising materials and assistance with advertising and registration

Travel (if required) is negotiated between Funding Exchange and the sponsoring organization.

Sponsored Funding Exchange trainings can provide a valuable capacity-building opportunity for the nonprofits in your community. And since FEI co-brands the advertising materials with both our logos, it’s advertisement for your organization as well.  Want more information?  Take a look at our training calendar for an open spot and contact us for more information.


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