Recorded Training: Grant Writing Overview

Grant Writing Overview Webinar Series

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Four Webinars (approximately 90 minutes each). Topics covered in each session:

  • Session One: Project Planning; Getting Organized to Write Efficiently; Plan for Sustainability; Funding Research; Choosing a Title; What do Funders Have to Say?
  • Session Two: Pieces of a Grant Proposal; Government vs. Private Grants; Document the Need; Create a Sense of Urgency; Goals and Objectives
  • Session Three: Task List; Timeline; Budget & Budget Narrative; Project Description
  • Session Four: Evaluation Plan; Executive Summary; Attachments; Cover Letter; Letter of Inquiry; Case Statement; Receiving a Grant; Grant Project Life Cycle; Working as a GrantWriter

Download all four sessions with no handbook: $300   ORDER NOW

Download all four sessions with one copy of The Art of Grant Writing: Communicating Your Vision to Funders: $350

Schedule one hour of consulting in conjunction with your webinars: $150/hour   ORDER NOW

Download just one session:         $75      ORDER NOW

Order a printed copy of The Art of Grant Writing: Communicating Your Vision to Funders: $99.00  ORDER NOW

[downloadable file]

Download Instructions: To view the webinar video, download the zipped archive, and extract all files to the same location.  Click on the index.html file to view the webinar in your web browser. You will need Flash Player installed to view the webinar.

NOTE: If you have registered and paid to receive access to these files, but did not  receive your password to download materials, please contact us by email or by phone at 907.451.0885.

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