Grant Writing Intensive

Our Grant Writing Intensive is a five-day, hands-on workshop for participants who want to practice as they learn and need to finish the class ready to write successful grant proposals NOW. Participants identify a grant maker during class and complete a simple proposal during this intensive workshop.

Topics covered in the class include:

  • Plan effective, sustainable grant projects
  • Get organized to write proposals quickly
  • Find and screen grant makers to fund your project
  • Create a realistic project budget
  • Write a convincing grant proposal narrative
  • Editing proposal narratives
  • Prepare to manage the grant project once it’s funded
  • Learn about resources to assist you in your work

A limit of 12 students per class provides each student with exposure to a variety of proposals and a maximum of one-on-one mentoring. One copy of The Art of Grant Writing: Communicating Your Vision to Funders, a CD of proposal and grant document examples, and a temporary membership to is provided to each student.

This is our only workshop offered solely in a face-to-face format. However, we occasionally contract to offer the Grant Writing Intensive as an extensive, live webinar series after a face-to-face workshop introduction (at a conference, for instance). An organization with multiple members or branches can arrange for a Grant Writing Intensive solely for their members, with an emphasis on their field. Contact us about contracting for a conference/webinar version of Grant Writing Intensive.

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Contact me to arrange a Grant Writing Intensive for a member group

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