Customized Packages

Every organization has different goals, priorities and needs. To more effectively meet each nonprofit organization’s needs, Funding Exchange works with their clients to create customized packages that meet their organization’s immediate needs. The client receives a 10% Preferred Client Discount on hourly rates whenever they contract for services totaling 150 hours or more.

For instance:

Perhaps your organization has grown and your Board of Directors feels it’s time to establish a formal plan to raise funds to meet your goals and hire a Development Director. Working with FEI, they create a package of services and training that includes:

  1. Sustainable Pathways training for the Board to create a two-year fundraising plan.
  2. Consulting hours to help the Board and Executive Director create a realistic job description, salary level, interview questions and advertising plan for the new Development Director.
  3. Mentoring and support hours for the new Development Director for their first three months on the job.

Another organization might need grantwriting training for their newly-hired grantwriter and backup writing and editing services on an as-needed basis during the busy federal proposal season each year. They would also like FEI to monitor government and private funding sources and notify them whenever a new Request for Proposal that meets their goals is posted. Their customized package might include:

  1. Grantwriting Intensive trainingĀ  for the new grantwriter.
  2. Funding resource monitoring on a monthly or semi-weekly basis.
  3. A set number of writing and editing hours to be used throughout the year on an as-needed basis.

Yet another organization would like to bring a Sustainable Pathways training, a grantwriting training and a development workshop to an upcoming conference in their community. Their customized package might include:

  1. A sponsored Sustainable Pathways training (sponsoring organization receives a scholarship to the class).
  2. A sponsored Grantwriting Overview training (sponsoring organization receives a scholarship to the class).
  3. A two-hour conference workshop on a topic to be determined.

Customized packages are a cost-effective way to build capacity in your organization without having to add staff. And after your contract is complete, Funding Exchange remains a phone call or email away, ready to provide assistance again in the future — on your timetable and with only the services you need. Contact us for more information about a customized package for your organization.

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