Conference Speakers & Workshops

FEI provides speakers and trainers for meetings, conferences or work sessions. We can customize a topic for you, or you can choose from the following topics:

  • Sustainable Nonprofits: Plan and Fund Your Cause
  • Grantwriting Overview (abbreviated from FEI’s Grantwriting Overview training)
  • Find Funding for __(Your Choice of Topic: Trails, Health Clinics, Food Banks, etc.)__
  • Introduction to Sustainable Pathways: Developing a Financially Healthy Nonprofit
  • After the Award: Tips for Managing Grants
  • Gleaning the Meaning: Tips for Evaluating Grant Projects
  • Prepare to Meet the Funder (intended to precede a group meeting with local foundation and government program officers)
  • Create a Company Giving Program Without Breaking the Bank

Contact us about scheduling a speaker or workshop.

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