Funding Exchange Services

FEI’s services are designed in progressive modules, so while we offer a full range of fundraising and organizational consulting, you may choose to use our consultants for just one piece of the work – like a a targeted funding search or a single proposal – or make use of FEI’s comprehensive services for all your organization’s development needs. Contact us to schedule Funding Exchange services.

Project Planning & Design

When deadlines are looming and the need is great, strategic planning may seem like a luxury your organization may be able to undertake “someday”. However, creating a reliable ‘road map’ before you begin fundraising and project activities will mean a more efficient and effective effort down the road. Spending the time and money for planning up front will save your organization time (translate: $$) on all the steps to follow. Experienced FEI professionals are available to guide you through the strategic planning process.

Funding and Project Research

FEI can help you find grantmakers who want to fund projects exactly like yours. We eliminate the shotgun approach to identifying funding sources, and focus on identifying specific grantmaking organizations whose mission and goals closely match the type of project you want to undertake.

If you’re lacking background information for a grant proposal, FEI’s researchers can provide the research and information you need, on your timeline.

Proposal Writing and Editing

You know the heart and mission of your organization. The key to creating successful, sustainable programs is effectively communicating and transferring that commitment and passion to others who will contribute to your cause. FEI’s grantwriters organize and communicate your message in clear, convincing language. Or, if you prefer to save some money and do some of the work, we can edit your proposal to assure your request is complete and competitive before submission. Denied funding? FEI’s grant editors can analyze your unsuccessful funding request and recommend changes and strategies that will make your future requests more competitive.

Grant Program Evaluation

Federal and state grant projects often require the use of an outside evaluator to assess the success of your grant project. FEI’s evaluators specialize in rural and remote community projects across the U.S. And if your program is located in Alaska, FEI’s evaluators have extensive experience in the unique conditions of The Last Frontier and can recommend improvements to your program that make sense and actually work in rural and urban Alaska.

The best time to hire an evaluator is at the very beginning of your project – as you plan and write your grant proposal. FEI will draft the program evaluation summary for your proposal at no charge, and will recommend an appropriate evaluation budget for your proposal. Once your grant project is funded, FEI will develop the evaluation instruments, schedule data collection activities, and will analyze the data and provide report analysis at regular intervals.


Are you concerned that your grant project is headed for trouble? FEI consultants can offer an independent analysis of the project and make recommendations to correct deficiencies and improve outcomes.

Mentoring and Support

Is your employee new to development? Or do they have an area of their work you’d like to see strengthened ? FEI offers training, mentoring and support in grantwriting, grant management, developing a sustainable fundraising plan, and other timely nonprofit topics. After training, FEI remains available by phone or email to answer quick questions, offer advice and direct your employee to appropriate resources at no charge. And if more support is needed, we can contract to provide active mentoring for a defined period of time.

Replace Your Development Staff –
Temporarily or Permanently

Are you between development officers and need to ensure your organization’s development efforts don’t lag in the interim? FEI can prepare proposals; monitor and recommend new grant opportunities; file reports; attend meetings via Skype and audio conference; and maintain your development office’s efforts until your new employee is in place and fully oriented.

Alternatively, FEI can offer comprehensive development services – sometimes more efficiently than your organization can hire in-house development staff. Contact us for an estimate that meets your organization’s needs.

Conference and Meeting Speakers

FEI’s professional staff provides conference workshops and conference or meeting speakers on a wide range of topics specific to nonprofits, tribes and agencies. Contact us to schedule a speaker.

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