Art of Grant Writing - final cover

Grant Writing Season is Here Again – Are you Ready? We can Help!

It’s the grant writing season again, and our Grant Writing Intensive classes are kicking off starting on January 27 in Anchorage, Alaska and on February 17 in Fairbanks, Alaska. To attend one of...

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Girl on floor with a computer

Funding Exchange Will Add Recorded Trainings in 2014

News flash! We’re happy to announce that in addition to our face-to-face classes and live online trainings, we will begin offering many of Funding Exchange’s webinar trainings in a recorded format beginning in...

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Discarded Files

Working in a Paper Blender

This paper purge we’re on is like living and working in a paper blender… piles of files everywhere. There are trash piles, piles to be shredded, piles to be recycled, piles to be...

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Hands sorting Files

Records – How Long to Keep?

OK, so the first place to start in this record-purging journey should probably be “What’s required?”. How long should we keep records? A Google search unearthed some differences of opinion, but here’s one...

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To Do List

The Paper Purging Plan

Unfortunately, this Paper Purge isn’t something I can delegate to others – at least not completely. The files that came with the business are something I need to go through myself, page by...

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A Mountain of Paper

The Urge to Purge, or The Paper is Winning

I’m in the middle of a purging cycle here in the office… maybe you can relate?I officially purchased Funding Exchange four years ago and ran the company as her CEO for a time...

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Lock on a chain

Nonprofit Missions Critically Wounded by Unethical Employees

The following article published by the Washington Post is a strong warning to every nonprofit board member or executive. As the guardians of our organizations, we must always remain on the lookout for...

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Yes or No Decision

Should Some Funders be Off-Limits for Our Organization?

 A  Sustainable Pathways student recently asked, “I’ve been working on a substance abuse prevention program project…  My participation in the Sustainable Pathways training has helped open my eyes to other fundraising opportunities, and...

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The Bite of the Elephant, Part 2

How can you increase the likelihood for your long-term project to be successfully grant funded on a repeated basis?One way to do it is to think of your long-term project as being built...

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