Workplace Conflict

Have you ever run into situations like these in your nonprofit organization?

  • One colleague resents another because they don’t carry their fair share of the workload
  • Your workplace is home to an employee who spreads conflict by gossiping about others
  • Your boss micromanages your work

How prepared do you feel to constructively handle an incidence of workplace conflict? Take a look at these facts:

  • Over 40% of a manager’s time is spent dealing with conflict
  • Two-thirds of both men and women say that work has a significant impact on their stress level
  • One in four has called in sick or taken a “mental health day” as a result of work-related stress

Now think about your own training and experience. How much preparation have you received to deal with conflict in the workplace? If you’re like most of us — including those with advanced degrees in psychology, business or the law — the answer is very little or none. Is it any wonder that conflict between people has so much influence over the effectiveness of our nonprofit organizations?

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