Working in a Paper Blender

This paper purge we’re on is like living and working in a paper blender… piles of files everywhere. There are trash piles, piles to be shredded, piles to be recycled, piles to be filed elsewhere, and pile supplies like labels and markers. And we’re still open for business, right? Right.

Some days I make a lot of progress, and some days I make none. Literally, none. That’s ok – I’ll just focus on the immediate task/drawer in front of me, and when I’m pulled away with ‘real’ business I’ll complete what I have to do and come back to The Purge. Our goal is to have it completed by the end of the year, so I’m going to get good at multitasking!

My one nod to sanity is to wrap things up every evening before leaving the office. I organize the piles, take out the trash, store the files to be shredded in their designated spot, and pat myself on the back as the shredding pile grows and the empty file space increases. Tomorrow before I go at it again I’ll file the “relocate” and “recycle” piles where they belong and then begin The Purge once again.

This Too Shall Pass. I hope.

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