The Urge to Purge, or The Paper is Winning

I’m in the middle of a purging cycle here in the office… maybe you can relate?

I officially purchased Funding Exchange four years ago and ran the company as her CEO for a time before that. With the purchase, among other things came a mountain of files: client and financial records, reference material – files, files and more files. If that wasn’t hard enough (“What’s actually IN those files, do we know?”), I combined FEI files with my own consulting files from all the way back to the the early 90’s.

Then a couple of years ago, I restructured the organization. Funding Exchange went fully virtual, shifting to using trusted contractors for client work instead of maintaining a crew of on-site employees. As a result, I now also have a full file cabinet of paper from each of our former employees. We’re talking lots of paper here, as you can see.

Several weeks ago I taught our last face-to-face Grant Writing Intensive for 2013… and officially entered what we consider to be our “slow” season – the winter holidays. Things heat up right after the first of the year again, so if I’m going to Purge the Paper, now’s the time.

I started this week. It took three days to get through the two file drawers under my own desk. (“Holy cow, is this going to take years?” The answer? “Maybe.”) I’ve now waded into our accounting records, and my goal is to have those cleaned out by the end of the week.

This could be an adventure – but I’m keeping my eyes on the end goal of a streamlined, efficient filing system where I have information readily at hand and store only what’s important. Have you purged your office recently? If so, the rest of us would love to hear how you tackled it and benefit from your advice! If you haven’t, stay tuned – I’ll be sharing what we learn.

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