Teaching Feeds My Mind and Soul

I just finished another great week with a small but rewarding group of Grant Writing Intensive students, and the experience once again reminds me why I teach:

I really love seeing a group of students bond and network during the week. FEI’s Grant Writing Intensive is a bit of a crisis experience. It’s a fast pace, with a lot of new information presented, decisions to make and work to accomplish. In the process, we learn about others’ organizations, plans and dreams and often make rewarding connections with others. It’s a rich environment intellectually.

And like many teachers, I love seeing that “ah HAH” moment in a student’s eyes when a difficult concept gels in their mind and they now understand. As a teacher, it’s almost addictive… I want to experience it again and again.

But most of all, I love the questions and new ideas that students present. I learn something new or have a new insight thanks to the students in every single class. That’s exciting, it keeps me enthused about my work, about the new and developing nonprofit leaders, and about what we are collectively accomplishing in the world.

If you teach, why do you do it and what do you love about it?

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  • Akila Osakwe

    I learned a great deal from the training I attended earlier this month. I initially saw my project as requiring one (maybe two) funder and in one phase, but Sharon helped me to see that I should “take small bites of the elephant” which makes this complex project a lot more doable!

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