Grant Writing Season is Here Again – Are you Ready? We can Help!

It’s the grant writing season again, and our Grant Writing Intensive classes are kicking off starting on January 27 in Anchorage, Alaska and on February 17 in Fairbanks, Alaska. To attend one of those classes, you can sign up online here.

But what if you’re not in Alaska and want training? Well, perhaps one of these options will meet your need:

  1. You (or your organization) can sponsor a Grant Writing Intensive in your town. Our instructors travel across the US and offer the five-day training for nonprofits in many locations. It’s a partnership: you provide the classroom, Internet connection and assist us with registration and  getting the word out, and we provide the instructor, curriculum and handbooks, advertising documents and expertise. For more information, contact our President, Sharon Gherman, here or call us at 907.451.0885. We’d love to plan a training in your community!
  2. You can now purchase the official handbook of the Grant Writing Intensive, The Art of Grant Writing: Communicating Your Vision to Funders by Sharon Gherman, here on Amazon. This is a good option if you just can’t attend or sponsor a class but want the basics in written or e-book format. It’s the very same book we use in class.
  3. Perhaps you would like to vacation in Alaska and attend a Grant Writing Intensive while you’re here? We normally don’t offer the Intensive in the summer because so many Alaskans are busy fishing, gardening and traveling. But we know many of you would love to visit our great state, and this might be just the motivation you need to make it happen! So if you’d be interested in attending a summer class in Fairbanks or Anchorage, Alaska (five days in length), let us know. If we have at least eight people willing to commit to a class by April 30th, we’ll make it happen.
  4. Last but not least, we are currently working on a project to make nearly all our trainings instantly available for download online with a credit card. The Grant Writing Intensive will continue to be offered face-to-face only since there’s no way to provide online the intensive mentoring required in that class. But many other classes will be available to download any time you want to use them – perfect for conferences, board work sessions, staff meetings, and personal professional development. The first offerings will include:
    • Grant Writing Overview
    • After the Award: Grant Management and Administration
    • Managing Conflict in the Workplace
    • Sustainable Pathways: Developing a Financially Healthy Organization
    • Board Basics: Managing Well

    In addition to the downloadable webinar trainings, you’ll have the option to purchase an hour or more of personal consultation at any time during or after your training. So watch for the announcements here on our website – we’re recording the trainings as we speak! Let us know if you’d like to be notified when a training is available online.

    Here’s to your successful grant writing season!


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