Are You Raising Funds Effectively in the New Economy?

If you’re at all concerned about your nonprofit’s income, now is the time to plan your fundraising strategy for the future. Sustainable Pathways: Developing a Financially Healthy Organization is a four-session webinar series designed to help you analyze your organization’s current income streams, learn the pros and cons of the eight major methods of raising funds, and plan your organization’s programs and fundraising for the next 18-24 months.

These aren’t your traditional webinars. I know that whenever I schedule a webinar to attend, I can pretty much plan on being able to clean my office or sort through paperwork while I listen to what amounts to an information download. Instead, Funding Exchange webinars are more like facilitated discussions, with live polls and interaction between participants and with the instructor. You’ll learn a lot, and you can ask questions and share your own experience with others during the webinar.

When you register, you’ll receive a handbook and Excel spreadsheet file that will guide your work. Having these tools in hand means you‘ll have everything you need to update your fundraising plan the next time, too – so this is a solid investment in your organization’s financial future.

Sustainable Pathways is intended for CEO’s and board members. You may have as many people attending the webinar broadcast as you like — all for one low fee of $1,500 per site.

Our next Sustainable Pathways training is scheduled for January 15, and we’d love to have you join us. You can learn more about the training HERE, and you can call us at 907.451.0885 if you have any questions. You can register and pay online as well.

Once you’re registered, you can relax and enjoy the upcoming holidays, knowing that you will enter the new year with a solid financial foundation that will serve your organization well throughout 2013 and beyond. I hope to see you in our next Sustainable Pathways training!

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