Discarded Files

Working in a Paper Blender

This paper purge we’re on is like living and working in a paper blender… piles of files everywhere. There are trash piles, piles to be shredded, piles to be recycled, piles to be...

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To Do List

The Paper Purging Plan

Unfortunately, this Paper Purge isn’t something I can delegate to others – at least not completely. The files that came with the business are something I need to go through myself, page by...

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A Mountain of Paper

The Urge to Purge, or The Paper is Winning

I’m in the middle of a purging cycle here in the office… maybe you can relate? I officially purchased Funding Exchange four years ago and ran the company as her CEO for a...

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Raven in the Office

Funding Exchange Inc. — A Company or a Person?

Welcome. The development of this blog has been a gradual process, an awakening of sorts. Through nearly forty years (no way!) of doing good work within and for nonprofit groups, and after five...

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My Birch Woods

Little House in the Birch Woods

Yes, the title is a take-off of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s popular book Little House in the Big Woods. Ms. Wilder’s series of books was my favorite as a child, and probably had a...

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