Raven in the Office

Funding Exchange Inc. — A Company or a Person?

Welcome. The development of this blog has been a gradual process, an awakening of sorts. Through nearly forty years (no way!) of doing good work within and for nonprofit groups, and after five...

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My Birch Woods

Little House in the Birch Woods

Yes, the title is a take-off of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s popular book Little House in the Big Woods. Ms. Wilder’s series of books was my favorite as a child, and probably had a...

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Antlers with Sunset

Welcome to Funding Exchange’s New Website

I’m happy to announce that our new website is finally live! And while you’ll continue to see improvements over the next few weeks and months, I think you’ll find that the basics are...

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My Best Friend (well, almost)

I’ve been known to say that the most important member of a grantwriter’s team is a great chiropractor or massage therapist. Deadlines being what they are, my neck and shoulders always end up...

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Summer Garden

2012 – 2013 Training Schedule

Those of you who’ve been asking about upcoming classes and webinars  — here they are. You can choose a training, register, and pay online for our Fall 2012 – 2013 classes on the...

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Funding Exchange-raven-logo

Funding Exchange

Funding Exchange, Inc., (FEI) provides consulting; direct services like fundraising, program evaluation, grantwriting and program troubleshooting; and training and mentoring to nonprofits, Native American tribes, and agencies across the United States. Founded in...

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Happy Birthday, America — with Lessons for Our Good Work

Happy Birthday, America. I must admit, on your 236th birthday, I’m concerned for your future – and I see lessons in your challenges for all of us who plan projects to help our...

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