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Teaching Feeds My Mind and Soul

I just finished another great week with a small but rewarding group of Grant Writing Intensive students, and the experience once again reminds me why I teach: I really love seeing a group...

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Roll of 100's

Are You Raising Funds Effectively in the New Economy?

If you’re at all concerned about your nonprofit’s income, now is the time to plan your fundraising strategy for the future. Sustainable Pathways: Developing a Financially Healthy Organization is a four-session webinar series...

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Boxing Gloves

Workplace Conflict

Have you ever run into situations like these in your nonprofit organization? One colleague resents another because they don’t carry their fair share of the workload Your workplace is home to an employee...

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Proposal B.S.

I’ve been working on a manuscript for a book based on our grant writing handbook that will be published soon as an e-book and in print. More about that later – but we’ll...

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Tsunami Wave

0’s and 1’s – The Tsunami Wave of Change

The Internet has changed the field of philanthropy — for the better and for the worse. Here are some of the Internet’s tsunami-wave effects for those who may not remember because they were...

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Help Wanted

Are Grants Alone the Solution to Nonprofit Sustainability?

by Sharon Gherman, FEI President/CEO There’s a great article out in the Chronicle of Philanthropy that resonates with me: It describes a study from the Challenge Fund for Journalism concluding that grants alone...

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Autumn Road

For Everything, There is a Season

Here in Alaska, autumn comes too quickly. As I write this from Interior Alaska, the birch and alder leaves are already beginning to turn yellow and the fall rains have set in. While...

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Proposal Rejected by a Foundation?

The Freedom of Information Act – which makes it possible to obtain copies of top-scoring government proposals – doesn’t regulate private foundations. So when your proposal is rejected by a private grantmaker, how...

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No Sale

All That Work — and It’s a Dud

There aren’t many things more discouraging than pouring your heart and soul into a grant proposal, sending it off with fingers crossed, and then being rejected. One of the hardest things about the...

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Change Your Perspective

Serving as a grant program officer changed my perspective about what foundations want from a grantee, and this new viewpoint made me a much better grantwriter . Here are a few things I...

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