Girl on floor with a computer

Funding Exchange Will Add Recorded Trainings in 2014

News flash! We’re happy to announce that in addition to our face-to-face classes and live online trainings, we will begin offering many of Funding Exchange’s webinar trainings in a recorded format beginning in...

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Discarded Files

Working in a Paper Blender

This paper purge we’re on is like living and working in a paper blender… piles of files everywhere. There are trash piles, piles to be shredded, piles to be recycled, piles to be...

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Hands sorting Files

Records – How Long to Keep?

OK, so the first place to start in this record-purging journey should probably be “What’s required?”. How long should we keep records? A Google search unearthed some differences of opinion, but here’s one...

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To Do List

The Paper Purging Plan

Unfortunately, this Paper Purge isn’t something I can delegate to others – at least not completely. The files that came with the business are something I need to go through myself, page by...

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A Mountain of Paper

The Urge to Purge, or The Paper is Winning

I’m in the middle of a purging cycle here in the office… maybe you can relate? I officially purchased Funding Exchange four years ago and ran the company as her CEO for a...

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Lock on a chain

Nonprofit Missions Critically Wounded by Unethical Employees

The following article published by the Washington Post is a strong warning to every nonprofit board member or executive. As the guardians of our organizations, we must always remain on the lookout for...

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Yes or No Decision

Should Some Funders be Off-Limits for Our Organization?

  A  Sustainable Pathways student recently asked, “I’ve been working on a substance abuse prevention program project…  My participation in the Sustainable Pathways training has helped open my eyes to other fundraising opportunities,...

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The Bite of the Elephant, Part 2

How can you increase the likelihood for your long-term project to be successfully grant funded on a repeated basis? One way to do it is to think of your long-term project as being...

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The Bite of the Elephant — or Walrus, if You’re Alaskan

One of the hardest tasks to master as a new grant writer is the scope of a project. How much should we ask for? How do I figure out what to include in...

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Art of Grant Writing - final cover

The Art of Grant Writing Now Available for Purchase

The Art of Grant Writing: Communicating Your Vision to Funders, by Sharon Charnell Gherman, the handbook developed and currently used in Funding Exchange grant writing classes, has just been made available to the...

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